Davao de Oro Schools Division Superintendent, Cristy C. Epe, passionately encouraged young learners to cultivate a genuine love for reading, highlighting its importance as the foundation of the curriculum and the key to realizing their dreams.

During the National Reading Month Culmination Program held at Gabi Central Elementary School, SDS Epe delivered an inspirational message, sharing that her love for reading has made her job as an SDS easier.

Years of reading have equipped her to navigate policies effectively and extract the essence from each one.

A way to one’s dream

Addressing the young learners dressed in fantastic book character costumes, SDS Epe reminded them that reading opens doors to unimaginable opportunities.

She urged them to hold onto their dreams, as they had brought them to life, adding, “You can be a hero.”

To instill a love for reading in the students, SDS Epe shared her own personal struggles to own a pocketbook, recounting a story of walking several kilometers to school and sacrificing snacks to save money.

            Highlighting the importance of hard work, she emphasized that dreams can only become a reality through dedication.

A portal to possibilities

Meanwhile, Education Program Supervisor in Filipino, Arniel G. Castillo, further emphasized that reading is a gateway to endless learning, imagination, and understanding.

It allows individuals to explore ancient civilizations, unravel mysteries, and experience life through various perspectives.

Castillo explained to learners that reading is not just a basic foundation of education but also a form of self-care that nurtures cognitive abilities.

“As you open a book, remember that it is not just turning pages; it is opening doors to infinite possibilities,” he emphasized.

A motivation and enjoyment

Moreover, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, Arlyn B. Lim, reiterated the importance of developing a genuine love for reading among teachers and students.

She stressed that cultivating a culture of enjoyment in reading is the ultimate goal, encouraging everyone to revisit their reading habits and find joy in the process.

Lim also urged teachers and students to utilize and explore locally developed storybooks written by Davao de Oro’s educators.

The Reading Month Culmination Program 2023 at Gabi CES on December 1, 2023, witnessed active participation from Division personnel, government officials, parents, and other stakeholders who served as reading ambassadors. Simultaneously, all elementary and secondary schools in Davao de Oro conducted their reading culmination programs on the same day, inviting stakeholders to read stories to students adorned in costumes representing their favorite book characters.